Different Types of Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding in Naperville, IL is a cost-effective solution which provides a luxurious allure. This type of siding needs less maintenance than other materials, there are also greater options in terms of plank size, colour and texture. They are available in horizontal boards, vertical side boards, shingles and scallops,which can be used both indoors and outdoors Its versatility and durability ensure that it meets the needs of every lifestyle whether you are single, part of a growing young family or empty nesters, there’s a style of vinyl siding for you.

vinyl siding stlyes

Here are some of the main types of vinyl siding to consider when decorating your home:

Clapboards and Lapboards

They are often used interchangeably but there is a key difference. Both are long planks, which overlap each other. This prevents water from entering during bad weather. Lap boards are wider than clapboards.

Beaded siding

Also, a form siding made from horizontal planks, but with a different design. At the bottom of the plank is a slightly rounded point. Since this had to be handmade in the past, this form of siding symbolised great wealth. However, they can now be manufactured as larger pieces instead of single handmade pieces, their cost is cheaper than other types of siding.

Log Siding

Many homeowners desire a rustic style of house, without the worry about mould, termite infestation and splintering. Vinyl offers the same wood feel, and in addition offers better strength and weather durability.

Vertical Siding

This is a long standing traditional form of American siding, that has recently regained popularity. Although it requires a lot of additional preparation, such as installation of horizontal planks underneath the vertical ones to ensure stability, it’s a good cost-effective investment in the long run.

Scalloped Shakes

These shakes give the quaint effect of an aged building from a long-ago era. There are low gloss vinyl options which give the appearance of traditional wood scallops.


Vinyl Cedar Shingles are a better choice than traditional ones, as they do not weather unevenly or splinter. They require zero to no maintenance and are available in a much greater variety of colours. There are also many types of shakes and ways in which to assemble them, which give the appearance of a handmade look.

Insulated Siding

A new form of siding has been introduced which greatly reduces household energy consumption. This is an innovative way to not only save money but help reduce your family’s carbon footprint. The siding is manufactured using Expanded Polystyrene Foam, placed directly behind the vinyl panels. The result is siding which appears much more evenly contoured to wall, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing look. Although initial installation costs are much higher than regular vinyl ones, the money saved from energy costs and maintenance are well worth it. An additional benefit is that using insulated vinyl creates soundproofing which works both ways, reducing the sounds of busy traffic etc, from entering your home.